Let us tell you a bit more about our brand identity …

We are a group of marketing enthusiasts, every single one of us has over a decade of experience in our own field. We want to fill the gap we believe exists in the international digital marketing field. We want to make a difference with our knowledge and experience, with no boastful talk.

We decided to take action to make it happen. After all, we are the only dictator of our own life. We started to speak about the idea from May 2021 and eventually hatched the plan in 8 months.

We didn’t just come up with a random name with repeating numbers. We wanted something universal, that can be recognised by our clients from any part of the world, something that has positive meanings and symbolises the changes we want to make. We also support women in marketing, we want to help more women build their personal development in the workplace and in their digital careers. 555 precisely conveyed the messages we want to deliver.


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