International digital PR

Whether you need links to boost your international SEO efforts or want to boost your brand presence online, its no sweat for us. We understand the nuances between different markets, and we only work with native speakers and local partners, giving us a global reach.

Why digital PR?

All sites need great backlinks to win top-ranking positions in the SERPs. Without links, no matter how great your on-page content is, it will never reach its full potential. Digital PR is the best way to acquire backlinks because they are earned naturally through the creation of high-quality content.

Buying links violates search engine guidelines and, while being a faster way to build links, is risky and a sure fire way to damage domain quality.

Digital PR is the favoured method of link building by experts in this industry. Why? Because it is the best way to acquire links from the highest quality publications which sends strong authority signals to search engines. Our team and local partners build relationships with journalists worldwide to gain links and mentions on major publications like the BBC, the New York Times and Le Figaro to name just a few.

But, it’s not just about top tier publications. Search engines also want to see the relevancy. We always start every campaign with a full backlink analysis so we can seek out publications to target that are industry relevant.

We use various types of digital PR campaigns from small data-led pieces through to big creative campaigns, or simple product promotions. In addition to this, we constantly monitor journalist requests so we can quickly respond with expert comments to gain a backlink. We also use a technique called newsjacking by spotting trending topics in your industry and creating reactive PR campaigns around them.

Want to gain links from major publications in your target market? Drop us a line! We don’t bite – promise!