Which social media platform will you use for a new market, which one is the best performing for your business, what is the benchmark for your industry on social media platforms?

To avoid spreading your resource too thin, our team will help to select the social platforms you need the most and establish the strategies that align with your goals.

Which Social Media Platform to Target?

Social Media

The social media landscape can be very different in another country compared with the one in the UK market, especially in the far east countries. Facebook and Twitter are not universal social media platforms everywhere. We are here to guide you online and help you choose the most suitable platforms to focus on.

Content Strategy and Planning

How do you proposition your brand in the new market? We’ve got you covered. We will help you to determine your brand identity online in the new market. Our team will also analyse your assets, outline your content strategy and plan the post schedule according to local events, holidays, your business activities and more to make the most out of your social media posts.

Monitoring and Improvements

One of the biggest questions with social media is how to measure the success of a social media project. We will work with your team to set up goals, tracking plan and implement the monitoring process.

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